The UBK Fatso has the gorgeous tape-like Saturation and Harmonic Distortion of the original Fatso, as well as the same one-of-a-kind Warmth limiter for rounding and fattening spiky digital transients, topped off with a switchable Transformer for additional harmonics and overall thickening. Add in a separate Compressor section with 7 custom curves meticulously tuned by Gregory Scott, aka 'ubk', and the result is a dynamics shaping tool like no other.



Music Radar Review:

"Oh-So-Fat, 5 Stars"



Tape Op Review:

"Splat! Thwack! Boom! Perfect!"



Beards & Gear Review:

"Vintage Sauce"



"There are hundreds of compressors out there, and a few tape sims too, but in one box and for this price there isn't anything to compare."

- Future Music Magazine



"The UBK fatso is the singular most useful thing you could EVER buy if you only are digital/in-the-box."

 - Kassin



"You can use it transparently or you can use it to add a fistful of character — and on top of that, it still gives you that FATSO analog magic!."

- Tape Op Magazine



"Lots of color is the name of this game."

- The Bearded Man



"Anything you throw at it sounds fantastic!"

- Matt Stivers



"The UBK Fatso is the most disgustingly awesome bit of kit. Everything sounds so huge through it, you can not make this thing sound bad."




Designed to give the operator the most unflinchingly musical compression regardless of the sound being processed or the amount of compression being applied, it will never pump or fold. The UBK Fatso makes easy work of the most difficult and mysterious process in sound engineering: dynamics control and transient shaping.


Vintage limiting, smooth opto leveling, transparent gain reduction, aggressive modern squeeze... whatever your vision, the UBK Fatso not only makes it possible, it makes it easy. 7 unique compressors - 4 “name” presets plus 3 “hidden gems”, produce a remarkable range of flavor, attitude, and grab, all rolled into a one-knob interface that makes it impossible to screw up.


Your job: choose the style of squeeze you desire, dial up ‘more’ or ‘less’, and get on with your life.






Two Channel Character Compressor


Heavily Colored Analog Flavor


7 Unique, Versatile Compression Curves


Harmonic Distortion Generators


Saturation & Clipping Circuits


Separate High Frequency Limiters


Switchable Transformer Coloration


Swiss army comp, never pumps or gets unmusical

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